"Lily de-la-Haye is outstanding, both as actress and singer, among the cast as the long-suffering wife Lucille” - Jeremy Chapman for Musical Theatre Review 


"Lily de-La-Haye, who is superb as Lucille, singing perfectly and convincing as a woman determined to stand by her man. It's a performance well worth the ticket price on its own.” - Broadway World


"Lily de-la-Haye’s performance of her (Lucille) is staggering. Like a ticking bomb, she initially sizzles slowly...As the show proceeds, she explodes, taking control and fights for their relationship and his life. Much of Parade I watched de-la-Haye’s face closely. The conviction and passion in her face for Lucille – for herself is remarkable. A court scene, which sees her flung to the sides as everyone else is besides themselves with glee is a bit of a tingler. Her voice too, is beautiful.” - Samuel Sims for A Younger Theatre


'Lily de-la-Haye  was another joy to watch and her reaction to what was happening on stage to Leo was pitched just right.” - Sarah McPartlan for Musical Theatre Musings


"You have to feel for Lucille wishing for more, and then getting more than anyone would wish for. She’s a brilliantly written character and so gorgeously performed in this production.” - Roz Wyllie for London Theatre1


"Lily de-la-Haye contrasts suitably as his suffering yet supportive wife, Lucille. Their reconciliation duet “All the Wasted Time” was a highlight – passionate and so extremely well sung, that when Leo is about to meet his death, one feels nothing but devastating sadness that their relationship will go no further.” - West End Wilma


"Standout performances come from Lily de-la-Haye...Their final duet, ‘All The Wasted Time’, is particularly touching and arguably one of the highlights of this consistently class act.” - Jemma Gould for Theatre Southeast 

"An excellent performance from Lily de-la-Haye as Cleopatra" - London Theatre Reviews

"Everything about this production feels fresh ****"– Mark Shenton for The Stage


"A top quality production of a brilliant show...Lily de-la-Haye (Enid) is just fantastic"– Cat Duffy for Bargain Theatre


"Fizzing with fun, there are strong female performances from Lily de-la-Haye as a lesbian would-be lawyer"– Howard Loxton for British Theatre Guide


""Lily de-La-Haye, so moving recently as the lead in London Theatre Workshop’s Parade, one of the most impressive Fringe musicals of the year, confirms that promise in a role of a very different hue." -  Jeremy Chapman for Musical Theatre Review

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